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The first album released by the band Tool Undertow was released on April 6, 1993. The album was released on Vinyl, Cassette and Vinyl.

It was recorded between October and December 1992 and then released on April 6, 1993. The album was recorded at Sound City Studios, Van Nuys, Los Angeles, California, and at Grandmaster Recorders, Hollywood, California, by Sylvia Massy.

Undertow is the last Tool release to feature bass player Paul D’Amour



  • Maynard James Keenan – vocals (listed as “Mostresticator”)
  • Adam Jones – guitar, sitar (listed as “Bastardometer”)
  • Paul D’Amour – bass (listed as “Bottom Feeder”)
  • Danny Carey — drums (listed as “Membranophones”)

Additional musicians:

  • Henry Rollins – guest vocals on Bottom


  • Produced and mixed by Sylvia Massy
  • Statik – programming on Disgustipated
  • Mixed by Ron St. Germain

Tool Undertow cover


  1. Intolerance
  2. Prison Sex
  3. Sober
  4. Bottom (featuring Henry Rollins)
  5. Crawl Away
  6. Swamp Song
  7. Undertow
  8. 4°
  9. Flood
  10. Disgustipated
  • Videos were created for the tracks Sober and Prison Sex.
  • Henry Rollins provided guest vocals on the track Bottom
  • Disgustipated appears as track 69 on most releases.

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