Dillinger Escape Lawn @ Prince Bandroom & Garden, Melbourne,

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Dillinger Escape Lawn @ Prince Bandroom & Garden, Melbourne,

Post by petemasterpete » Fri Sep 18, 2015 2:50 am

sorry all ... totally forgot to review this one ...

Show was an absolute blast and the wifey and I got to hang with Blender for the first time in a bit. Seemed like a vast pit of somewhat controlled chaos from my vantage point at the left hand front of stage in front of Ben. Granted, it's exactly what I'd anticipate having seen them a number of times. They certainly don't perform like they're getting any older with Ben and Greg making periodic trips into the crowd.

DEP aren't known for playing very long sets and this may have been the longest I was in attendance for. The set consisted of a fairly good spread of tunes, but I think the majority of tracks came from Miss Machine and One of Us is The Killer starting with Prancer. Other personal fan faves included Milk Lizard and 43% Burnt were included. Also mixed in was a pretty solid drum solo midway through and a half-cover of Sunshine of your Love that flowed into Sunshine the Werewolf. Early on in the set they played Happiness is a Smile, which was a single released after the last time I'd seen them.

Anyway, it was a hell of a show, in a small venue I'd never been to before. Your pal, Little Petie here, even managed to get up on stage with a chunk of the crowd and shake hands and get a selfie with Ben while he played, watch Billy (a fucking badass on a kit, no doubt) play drums about 6 inches in front of me and pat Greg on the head on my way off stage. There's at least one video of this portion of the gig floating around youtube as my misses made me aware of after discovering and pointed me out in it.

Having some of the most energetic stage presence going, they will surely continue to keep taking my money.

here's a really shitty video from my shitty phone cam that decided it didn't want to rotate correctly all fucking night:


Disclaimer: If you like Mastodon better than this band (you know who your are), you have horrible taste (winky face)
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