July 2013 Musical Review

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July 2013 Musical Review

Post by hellboy » Thu Aug 01, 2013 6:23 am

The thread I started up last month reviewing everything I listened to seemed to have some interest, so here we go again:

David Yow - Tonight You Look Like A Spider
Pretty terrible solo effort from the Jesus Lizard front man. Not sure what I expected him to release, but this was just self indulgent shit. 2/10

Death - For The Whole World To See
After seeing the trailer for the documentary on this 70s band (not the death metal band from the 80/90s) I decided to check out their album. It's actually pretty damn good, so the hype around them seems somewhat justified. 7/10

Defeater - Letters Home
Don't have much recollection of this album. Typical post hardcore type stuff, and I think I downloaded it simply because it made the what.cd top 10 for a day. Not bad, but forgettable. 5/10

Dern Rutlidge - Johnny No Stars
Always been a fan of this Aussie 90s band. Made up of former Christbait members, it was more stoner rock than doom metal, but in my opinion pretty good stuff. I hadn't heard the whole album before, and when it appeared on Bandcamp I purchased it. Overall a good album, but a couple of boring tracks. 7/10

Dog Shredder - Brass Tactics
I can't remember where I heard about this band (Fourtheye perhaps?) but I went searching for some of their music - turns out their isn't much but they have an album coming. Anyway, I grabbed this EP and it's pretty good math rock/punk kinda stuff. 7/10

Dust - Self Titled
Downloaded this due to their mention in the June Tool Newsletter. It was ok but nothing special. 6/10

Gogol Bordello - Pura Vida Conspiracy
I'd really like to see these guys live one day - I've seen them on a few web streams and they seem like a quality act. However on record they're ok in parts and that's about it. 6/10

Hunx And His Punx - Street Punk
Another what.cd top 10 recommendation. By the numbers punk with an old school lo-fi vibe. Nothing special, but haven't really given it a decent listen either. 5/10

Karnivool - Asymmetry
I've already talked about this album in the Karnivool thread. At one point I thought it might be as high as an 8/10, but I just can't get into the last half of the album. Still, better than I anticipated. 7/10

Lustmord - The Word As Power
Hard to review, I liked the album, but at the same time don't find his music compelling enough to really listen to as anything other than background music. As background music goes it seems alright though, and to me seems on par with his earlier work. 6/10

Michael Franti & Spearhead
Not sure why I bothered. 3/10

Morne - Shadows
Only listened to this once, however that listen was promising. For now 7/10

No Age - An Object
More lo-fi old school sounding punk. Another album I need to listen to more, but not blown away. 5/10 for now.

The Ruiner - The Bull
Single from new Melbourne band The Ruiner. Features guys from Christbait & Bloodduster and has a good doom metal vibe. Promising on paper (and the track is ok) but need to hear more. 7/10

The Yum Dee Days - It's All Happening
Downloaded after reading about then on Faster Louder. Album seems pretty decent, and a couple of pretty nice tracks. 7/10

Volto! - Incitare
Hard to rate this album for similar reasons to the Lustmord one. I find it interesting to listen to, and while I wouldn't categorise it as background music, it's not really compelling either (instrumental stuff, regardless of who it is tends to do that to me). From a musical stand point, it's excellent, from a replayability point of view, I'm really not sure how often I'd listen to this album. 6/10

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